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We provide solutions in trade finance. Atlantic is your reliable partner with expertise since 1959.
Our long standing know-how and our professional skills enables us to provide a variety of financial services.

Forfaiting – Export Financing

Financing of export transactions with and without recourse to the exporter
Down-payment, pre- and bridge financing

Import Financing

Granting of credit to local banks / importers for the purchase of investment goods


Loans at fixed interest rates and at adjustable rates on a rollover basis

Syndicated Loans

Participation and underwriting


Buying and selling of trade receivables

Payment guarantees/Silent confirmations

Designed to protect exporters or negotiating banks from political, credit and transfer risks

Country List

For your convenience you can click onto a country of your choice on the world map below to get the tenor details (in years) for it.

Alternatively you may download our PDF containing the complete list of country tenors.

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Atlantic Forfaiting AG, Team

Atlantic Forfaiting Company domiciled in Zurich, Switzerland and is a member of Geschwister Oetker Beteiligungen KG, an internationally active group of companies owned by Alfred, Ferdinand and Julia Oetker and based in Bielefeld. With a turnover of almost 2 billion euros and more than eight thousand employees, Geschwister Oetker combines the values of a respected family business with dynamic growth ambitions. For more information, please visit

Since the late 1950s, Atlantic has been engaged in export and trade finance, particularly in forfaiting claims evidenced by promissory notes, bills of exchange, letters of credit or similar instruments. As one of the earliest players in the forfaiting market, Atlantic can offer its experience to exporters, partners and investors in trade finance assets.

As a member of Swift, we are able to facilitate communication and payment service with our international business partners. We focus mainly on medium-term financing for trade transactions in emerging markets.

Parent Company

With a turnover of almost 2 billion EUR and more than eight thousand employees, Geschwister Oetker Beteiligungen KG is an internationally active group of companies owned by Alfred, Ferdinand and Julia Oetker. The group has its administrative headquarters in Bielefeld.

Parent Company

On the Geschwister Oetker Group's website, we invite you to meet its business divisions as well as its respective brands, services and products:

  • Sparkling Wine, Wine and Spirits
  • Chemical industry
  • Supplies for bakeries
  • Hotels


Atlantic Forfaiting Company Ltd. as authorised financial intermediary according to Art. 2 para. 3 Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA) is regulated and supervised by SRO PolyReg, a recognised Self-Regulatory Body.

Our Annual Report will be provided to you upon request. Please send us an email to or give us a call.

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    Partner / Memberships


    Our Parent Company

    International Trade & Forfaiting Association

    Worldwide trade association for commercial companies, financial institutions and intermediaries engaged in forfaiting and trade finance.

    VEFI Association of Forfaiters in Switzerland

    VEFI is the oldest forfaiting association of the world.


    How to find our head office in the heart of Zurich:

    Atlantic Forfaitierungs AG
    Othmarstrasse 8
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    Phone +41 44 254 53 00
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